QWallet 2.0f

Save and protect your valuable informartion


  • Easy to access and use
  • Speeds up online transactions


  • Could be vulnerable to hacking attempts

Not bad

There is so much remember nowadays regarding passwords, credit card numbers and phone numbers that it's no wonder we get confused and disorganised.

Sometimes it's wise to let a piece of software do the hard work of remembering for us which is what QWallet attempts to do. It stores an array of information from credit card info to phone numbers in an easy to use application which sits in your system tray. When you need to use a credit card, just click on the QWallet icon in the system tray, and drag and drop your credit card number and expiration date directly onto the web page. Now, this might seem all a little insecure and I have to admit, I'd be wary of using it but the developers assure that it's highly encrypted and just about bulletproof to all but the most determined hackers. Note that the program never sends your information over the internet - it simply provides a relatively quick and easy way to look up and use those items you need. The information stored in QWallet can be password protected and encrypted at any time you want.

A much quicker and easier solution that trying to reach for your credit card everytime you need it although if you're not willing to take chances with security, stay clear.

Don't you hate running to get your credit card while internet shopping? Q*Wallet is a small, quick application that provides you with instant access to personal information when you really need it.

Credit card numbers, site logins and passwords, and frequent flyer numbers are all securely stored on your computer's hard drive by QWallet.



QWallet 2.0f

User reviews about QWallet

  • by Anonymous

    Does not keep up with current operating systems.
    Why can't the creator of Qwallet provide an upgrade that is com...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent program EXCEPT it does not work in Vista (64 bit), therefore it is a very VERY POOR PROGRAM!.   More